Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toad Lillies

At the end of summer last year I found these little toad lily plants at the local (ok, only) box store in town. Forlorn and lonely, they were only $1.00 apiece. What can I say, I felt sorry for them, so I bought them. They weren't all that impressive looking that day, a few yellowed leaves and no blooms. But I had high hopes for them! Since I was still recovering from hip replacement surgery, my neighbor Susan, helped them snuggle into the dirt beside the garage. Look at them now!!! I have been rewarded with these gorgeous beauties!!! The moral of the story? Ugly ducklings do turn into beautiful swans! Or maybe, don't buy them for $7.00 now just because they have blooms. Wait until the end of the season for the best buy!

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