Thursday, June 3, 2010

Henke's Old Crow Occasional Sale

On May 15th I made my sister get out of bed early so we could drive to rural Madison County, Iowa for Kasey and Jojo Henke's occasional sale. Their sale and business is known as Henke's Old Crow. They rescue cool junk! It says so on the back of their very cool tee shirts! They are having three sales this year and this was the first.

What should have been a two hour drive ended up being a little longer because, well, because I neglected to bring the directions. Oops! My bad! I knew it was located on a farm outside of Earlham, IA. I knew we'd get there eventually. So while I phoned my cousin in Des Moines to track down the exact location we decided to follow the sign that said "Covered Bridge". After all people we were in Madison County. We enjoyed the bridge, read the graffiti, and I took pictures. Besides, I'm kind of a "it's the journey, not the destination" kind of person. But now we had road numbers and we were on a mission. We quickly found Old Crow. The cars were lining the road, just like any typical farm auction. But people were carrying off stuff like ants at a picnic. No, more like vultures picking a carcass clean!!! Oh, hell, we're an hour late!!!!!

Don't worry we still found lots of cool stuff. We both bought necklaces made out of hammered out spoon bowls. Mine says "Junk Star" and Sister's says "Scrapper". That's because she like to scrapbook. Sister also found some funky galvanized buckets. I latched onto a wire basket that was huge. It was meant to wrap around a balled and burlaped tree. No, I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it yet, but sometimes you just have to rely on your instincts! We both got t-shirts-black with an orange old crow on the front.

I introduced myself to Kasey, also known as the junk hunk, and his wife, Jordanna. We had sort of already met online. You can find them on Facebook or at their website We had a great time and we will definitely visit again. Oh, and they will be at Junk Bonanza in September. Groovy, huh!
For some really annoying reason I cannot get my pictures placed where I want them so I'm just going to post them as is. I need to get this problem figured out because it makes my blood pressure shoot sky high and is extremely frustrating.

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