Friday, June 18, 2010

The Egg Krate

The Egg Krate in Elk Horn, Iowa is a great place for junking. It has lots of booths and is filled with all kind of treasure. I always have to stop in when I am in the area.

The couple who runs it are just the sweetest folks. Every time I go in I try to get them to sell me that great chalkboard in the background. They also do an excellent job of packing up your items so they won't get broken.

Cousin Jan found some plates for her camper. I found two gorgeous vases and the kerosene stove on the counter. My Mom and Aunt Shirley really got a laugh when they saw me with it because, of course, they remember using the old Perfection stoves!
I think it will look great on my patio. I haven't decided yet if I want to actually try to burn kerosene or maybe I'll just try putting a candle inside. It will throw out lots of flickering light through the cutouts in the metal.

Here Mom and Aunt Shirley take a breather during our junk hunt!

I love the hunt for junk!!!

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