Monday, April 12, 2010

Mustard Moon

Oh Mustard Moon, so old and bright
Watch over me this starry night...
Tell me a story quaint and old
to lull my spirit and soothe my soul.

Sister and I recently needed to make a trip to Minneapolis and being the sly dog that I am the dates just happened to coincide with an occasional sale outside of southwestern Minneapolis as we were heading home! The sale was listed in "Flea Market Style" magazine as one of Ki Nassauer's favorite occasional sales.

For those who have not heard of an "occasional sale" it is exactly what it says it is! It may occur once a month or twice a year. It is totally up to the vendor. For a time Maryville, MO had a great twice a year sale known as Hodge Podge. Sadly, for now anyway, Hodge Podge has been put on hold. However, the talented ladies behind Hodge Podge, Sonya Henggeler and Kristi Wolbert, will be hosting "Holiday Hunt" next November. I'll try to keep you posted.

Sister and I attended Mustard Moon's occasional sale in Carver, Minnesota. Two additional stores, Seasons in Carver and The Nature of It, were also open. Really, it was kind of hard to say where one started and the next began! Which was good, because there was just that much more to see! What did we buy? Do I have to admit to it? Please don't tell Sister's husband! Shhh!!!! Besides Mustard Moon's custom tote bags and tees, I latched onto a vintage African Violet stand like my Grandma once had, a beautiful, lush moss plant, and the absolutely best smelling candle ever! Sister scored this gorgeous shabby, chippy, wire fern stand. I'd have arm wrestled her for it but she did see it first and she had also had to listen to me snore for two nights AND complain about eating the same chain food I could have eaten at home. I mean, really, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, and Denny's....puleez!!!

For some reason I didn't manage to take any pictures of the entire escapade! But here are a few photos Mustard Moon posted on their blog just to give you a taste! And besides, it really was too crowded to get any decent photos!

Mustard Moon is a monthly event, so if you are headed that direction be sure to look them up. You can always check the dates at!!!!!!!!!!

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