Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today's Diversion

I made the mistake of turning on the television this morning and one of my all time favorite movies was on AMC. I love old movies and I was immediately sucked in! I have seen "To Kill A Mockingbird" countless times and yet it remains as powerful today as it did the very first time I saw it. With such a great story combined with such powerful actors how could it not stand the test of time? I fell in love with Gregory Peck because of this movie. I still think he was one of Hollywood's most gorgeous men. I was shocked to find out many years later that Boo Radley was one of Robert Di Nero's first roles. Growing up with only three T.V. channels, I was blessed/cursed with the limitation of choices and, inadvertently, exposed to movie classics that, unfortunately, today's generation is missing out on.

This certainly applies to my own son. I can hear him whining in my mind "but it's black and white". To him, if it isn't in color it must not be worth watching. Well, son, I think I have just found this week's movie for movie night!

I also realized this morning that I have never read the book by Harper Lee. I am more than a little ashamed of myself. I'm one of those people that has to read the book first and generally abide by "the book is always better than the movie" theory. Note: The exception that comes immediately to mind is The Lord of the Rings movies that Peter Jackson made. Even though he left out Tom Bombadil, those movies rocked!!! I recently exposed my son to this theory when, after reading the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians book, we went to see the movie. Being eleven he made his arguments against the theory, but it was interesting over the course of several days to hear him draw comparisons between the book and the movie. Aah...he got the point!!!

I'd better get to the library soon. I think as soon as we finish "The Sea of Monsters", the second book in the Percy Jackson series, we'll be reading "To Kill A Mockingbird"!

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