Monday, July 5, 2010

Junk Refunkery and the Family Rebellion

Junk Refunkery's big, red barn!

Saturday, June 26th, was one heck of a busy day!!!
The date was originally set for our annual Ferguson Family Reunion, otherwise known as Ferg-a-Fun, which was to be held at Aunt Shirley's in Atlantic, IA. Later, I realized that an occasional sale in Boone, IA that I was wanting to go to was the same day. Can we do both? Everyone was accommodating and the family reunion was pushed back to later in the day, so those of us who needed some junkin' fun could squeeze in both.

I'm not quite sure what this is, but it made a perfect place to hang galvanized buckets full of plants! And look at the industrial stools! Very cool!!! (Any ideas what's wrong with the camera?)

Slowly a plan was kicked around, twisted, tied in a knot, and then formed. Cousin Jan would pull her vintage trailer over to Atlantic on Friday evening and Sam and I would drive up and spend the night so we could get an early start on Saturday morning. Sister Shelli would come up early to meet us, then off we'd go. We'd meet cousins Jo and Belinda in Boone. Hold on there, bend a couple of kinks into that plan!!! Shelli would arrive early with Mom and her daughter, Riley. Mom and Shirley could visit, while Riley and Sam played. Yeah, now that will work!

The beautiful women of "Junk Refunkery". If you have a chance, check out their next sale, probably the weekend of July 24th. Their website is Don't forget to check it out!

A gravel road lined with cars, a big red barn, yep, we'd found it. (OMG, I wish I had a red barn!!!) The lawn was adorned with all sorts of re-purposed, re-painted, re-invented junk!!! heart sighed, the planets have aligned!!! We circled the yard, then the barn, then the yard, then the barn...we found treasures. Jan left with a crazy cool hose reel cart, perfect for solving a yard dilemma which had plagued her for years. Shelli found the most charming oval framed chalkboard to hang over Riley's bed. I fell in love with a galvanized mop bucket! We had a great time at Junk Refunkery. Friendly folks, great prices, definitely worth the drive. Can't wait to visit again!!! We loaded the Jeep, bumped over the railroad tracks, headed to town when, wait a minute, this looks interesting!!! Primitive sale! Stop!!! Wow, they had lots of cool stuff, but the funds were running low. Jan did find an apron for her sister, Barb, who hadn't gotten the "Bring your Apron" memo! They asked if we'd been to Junk Refunkery and Red Barn Rustics. Yes, and noooo...where is it? Turns out it was just east of the Junk Refunkery barn. We were starving so these kind women said "Eat at Jimmy's BBQ, then go!!! Oh, women of wisdom, I thank you sooo much! Jimmy's BBQ was excellent!!! If you are ever close to Boone, IA go eat at Jimmy's, BECAUSE I SAID won't be disappointed!

Shelli and Jan...How on earth could we pass this up???

More from Junk Refunkery!

The backtracking to Red Barn Rustics (OMG, I want a red barn!!!) was well worth it because Jan found the perfect old shopping cart. I wanted it too, but, well, she saw it first, and, well, I was broke. She wanted it to line with a garbage bag and use it as a trash can for the Happy Hippie. No, no, I said. Everybody lines them and uses them to pack your goodies at flea markets! Dual purpose, says Jan!

Awful photo, great junk from Junk Refunkery!

We made it to the family reunion at 4:00, much later than we had planned, but very happy with our haul. Everyone had a great time, the food was delicious, and we were all happy campers!

Riley was very pleased with her junk!!!

I think I got home around midnight. And the next day? I downloaded my photos, only to find out that my camera is on the fritz...I'm posting the pictures anyway!!!


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