Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lincoln View Farm

Jan has discovered a new hosta farm for us!!! It is Lincoln View Farm and it is owned by a friendly lady by the name of Nancy Briggs. It is located east of Boone, IA and just west of Ames.

Having watering cans myself, I enjoyed the clever way Nancy displays hers!

Lincoln View Farm isn't nearly as big as Flying Frog Farms, which is a hosta farm located south of Des Moines. But it's nice to find a new place and new offerings. Nancy has a beautiful garden and some truly awesome ponds. I'm not sure I will ever get into pond gardening, but I sure enjoy others! Too much work for me!!!

This pond is located in front of the house. She has another one behind the house where her hosta garden is located in a small timber.

The lotus pods are gorgeous!!!

Here's a peek at the pond out back!

I love the look of these hollowed out logs just stacked together!!!

Nancy has little treats for the eye at every turn!!

Sam is such a good sport when I drag him along. He gets to pick out his own hostas as long as he plants them!!! He's even getting the junkin' bug as well!!!

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