Friday, July 30, 2010

My Vintage Bicycle

I have a new bicycle. I really wasn't looking for her. She just sorta found me. The graphics say "Elgin". The computer says she was made for Sears and Robuck.

A lady (her name might or might not be Lillian) I've known, well, forever, had found an old bicycle on a trip south and had to have her. When she and her husband returned from their trip, her husband (let's call him Marvin) bought this one at an auction. She decided to keep Bike #1 so I asked if they wanted to sell Bike #2 even though I had never laid eyes on her. And that is how she became mine!

I'm calling her Evelyn.

But the coolest thing about Evelyn is her bike tag. It is a small piece of metal crimped around her middle. It shows she was registered in Clarinda, IA in 1958!

Hey, Sam, wait a minute!!! Where are you going??? Hey, that's supposed to be MY bike!!! Come back here...I can't run that fast!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love Evelyn, the bike! That is really neat that it has the tag.

    P.S. This is comment #2. I don't know what happened to #1!